OMD UK Covid-19 Consumer Impact Report- Week 43

This week’s Covid-19 Consumer Impact report focuses on the most recent Radar results,  collected from a nationally representative sample of 236 respondents in the UK between Friday 15th January to Sunday 17th January 2021.

The key take outs from this week’s report are:

  • Happiness levels are as low as at the start of the first lockdown (30%) but are slightly higher (+1ppt) than the previous wave of Radar (4th Jan). We have also seen marginal improvement in the Nation’s optimism (+1ppt) and anxiety levels (-2ppts).
  • In the weekend leading up to ‘Blue Monday’, finances were stretched – with more people reporting that money is tight and fewer people feeling financially secure.
  • The roll out of vaccinations in the UK are boosting confidence in the government, which has risen by 3ppts from 4th Jan.
  • 60% of people claim the news surrounding the COVID-19 vaccination makes them optimistic of being able to return to activities that they have stopped/delayed due to the pandemic, up 5ppts from 4th Jan.
  • Lockdown is unsurprisingly having a considerable impact on leisure activities, with DIY and watching sport on TV the only activities to see in an increase in the percentage of people doing them from the last Radar report.
  • People are looking for something to do, with 44% of people agreeing that they are actively looking for new activities to do during lockdown.
You can read the full report below.

If you have any questions about any of the data, please contact [email protected].


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