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The Future of Britain is OMD UK’s pioneering insight initiative that’s been at the heart of the agency since 2013.  Launched against the afterglow of the 2012 Olympics and Jubilee year and as Britain came out of the worst recession in one hundred years, we sought to understand our new British culture and what this meant for brands.

Since then, The Future of… series has gone from strength to strength, covering a vast array of themes in the past five years, talking to over 20,000 people along the way using innovative research techniques such as video ethnography, implicit testing and our very own online community, Your Voice.  We’ve explored household dynamics in Living with Future Britain, studied Christmas shopping behaviour and attitudes in The Future of Christmas and smashed generational myths ingrained in British society in our award winning The Future of Generations.

Our latest in the series, The Future of Money, seeks to understand how people manage their personal finances and view their place in the increasingly uncertain British economy. We wanted to get to the heart of how people spend, save, plan and prioritise, and what implications these behaviours have for brands and marketeers.

The Research

In a bid to understand Britain’s relationship with money we carried out an extensive, multi-stage research project.  The research was carried out between November 2018 and January 2019 and involved:

  1. An online survey with a representative sample of 2,700 adults in the UK.
  2. Qualitative focus groups in West Midlands and London
  3. Qualitative feedback from OMD UK’s online consumer panel YourVoice

Additionally, we also conducted 500 interviews in February 2019 covering attitudes to Brexit and behaviour change since the rejection of the UK’s Brexit deal.

The findings have been divided into three broad themes:

  • Britain, Brexit and Buying
  • Saving, Spending and Sacrificing
  • Financial Futures

Click here to read our full report on The Future of Money.

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