Coming out of Lockdown 2021

Since the whirlwind surrounding Covid-19 began over 12 months ago, from several lock downs to the roll-out of vaccines nationwide we have spent the past year monitoring the mood of the nation, as well as providing our point of view on the impact Covid-19 has had on clients’ businesses.

Following on from previous thought-pieces which include “Marketing in a transition”, “Empathy in a Pandemic” and “Preparing for Lockdown 3”, we are proud to announce the launch of what we hope is our last lockdown related write-up titled ‘Coming out of Lockdown’.

In the edition we have tried to uncover how brands, marketeers, and agencies a like need to behave as they adjust to life coming out of lockdown.

In this piece we investigate 5 specific areas which include:

  • The Work Dilemma
  • The Social Drought
  • The Residual behaviours
  • The Economic Impact
  • The Holiday Cravings.

You can view the full write-up below:

OMD Thought Piece – Coming out of Lockdown 2021

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