The Future of Britain is OMD UK’s pioneering insight initiative that’s been at the heart of the agency since 2013.

We launched it against the backdrop of the fading euphoria from the 2012 Olympics and the worst recession for over 100 years when Britain went through a seismic cultural and societal shift. As the “new Britain” was unrecognisable from before, we revolutionised our approach to understanding people and launched The Future of Britain to get an in-depth view into real Britain.

Since it launched, we’ve covered a huge number of themes. Living with Future Britain allowed us to virtually live with British households and get to the heart of what makes British people tick. We explored changing family relationships and household dynamics in Future of Families, uncovered the myths of Christmas shopping behaviour and attitudes in The Future of Christmas and smashed generational myths ingrained in British society in The Future of Generations.

Our latest project is Entrepreneurial Britain, a study which sets out to understand the motivations, personality traits, media habits and challenges of the UK’s Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise (SME) owners. Download the white paper here.

If you’d like to discuss The Future of Britain and what it can offer your brand, please get in touch with [email protected]

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