The Future of Britain: From overwhelmed by media to smart curators

Even in the last five years, technology has advanced rapidly.

In 2013 we were in the midst of a technological and media shift. We were starting to consume content differently: smartphones were becoming commonplace and tech innovation was rapidly on the increase. Along with this changing landscape came a feeling of being overwhelmed with brand messages, advertising and new models of media.

55% of us owned a smartphone five years ago. Today, 81% of us do, almost a 50% increase over five years.

We find today that we’re still a bit overwhelmed by technology, but we’re certainly becoming better at managing and consuming information that comes from technology. In 2013, 71% of the nation wanted an ‘ignore button’ when it came to technology. Fast-forward five years and that figure has dropped to 60%.

Britain is becoming a nation that is learning to take control of its consumption of media and content. The last decade has been characterised by an explosion of various forms of entertainment and news, but with this seemingly consolidating, people are beginning to understand where to get the news, entertainment and sport that they want. 75% of us feel more knowledgeable because of the internet and 45% more creative because of it.

It seems we might be reaching a healthy balance and are curating the information that reaches us. We’ve all got personalised Facebook pages, we’re deleting and unfollowing others on Twitter and Instagram; we’re filtering out the noise and controlling what we intake.

We are becoming a nation of Smart Curators.

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