The Future of Britain: From the unknown to contented resilience

How does Britain feel as a nation?

You would expect that one to be a can of worms to open.

Given the dominance, and uncertainty, of Brexit over the last couple of years we were expecting the nation to be worried; apprehensive; anxious; fearful. Anything similar, really. However, Britain today is a more optimistic place that it was five years ago.

20% of Brits are optimistic for the future of the nation, whereas only 11% felt that way five years ago.

We dug a little deeper and asked our research community, YourVoice, how happy they feel, personally, on a level of 0-10: 42% rate themselves as ‘happy’ or above, whilst only 9% are unhappy.

Our research goes on to tell how we’re in a state of, what OMD UK coins, Contented Resilience; we have our concerns but are seemingly happy to just get on with life and are less likely to let our worries dominate or effect our wellbeing. The UK is in a resilient state, in which we are putting our woes aside and getting on with life.

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