The Future of Britain: From crunched consumers to wider worries

“The proportion of the UK that is very concerned about the state of the economy has halved over the past five years; from 58% in 2013, to 29% in 2018”.

The first finding from our Future of Britain – five years on study illustrates the transformation in the concerns that we have as a nation.

In 2013, at the very top of Brits’ concerns were the economy and our personal finance. A whopping 58% of us were ‘very concerned’ about the state of the economy in 2013. Today, that figure drops to 29%. Surprised? So were we.

We found that other worries had begun to emerge, as our concerns about the economy and finances abated slightly. 34% of us are worried about the environment – up from 29% in 2013. Naturally, with Brexit on the tip of everyone’s tongue for the last couple of years, we found that we’re more worried about Britain’s relationship with Europe; rising from 28% in 2013 to 31% being concerned about it today.

Perhaps unsurprisingly with GDPR and the Facebook Cambridge Analytica scandal this year, the largest ‘newcomer’ has been our worry about online security, with 34% of us worrying about how our data is being handled, controlled and accessed.

Our insights delve further into our worries at various ages and gives brands and media some thoughts about how they can use this information to support consumers, but even from touching on just a few of our concerns above, we can see that brands have a difficult job to understand consumers.

Our full report is available here.


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