OMD FWD 25th June

Social media platforms are constantly finding new ways to display engaging ads to their users. The latest platform to roll out a fresh approach to featuring ads is Instagram. Instagram launched Reels Ads across all regions around the globe last week. Click here to find out what the company had to say about the expansion.

Scroll down to discover more updates, from TikTok and Zoom, as well as an app that can give you access to a smooth ride on an electric bike at the tap of a finger.

TikTok has new integrations ????

TikTok Jump allows creators to share even more engaging content. Built by third-party providers, Jumps are mini-programs + services linked within videos.

Pronoun visibility on Zoom ????

Zoom is the latest service to give users an option to display pronouns. The feature is now available for version 5.7 of the video conferencing platform.

Have the ride of your life ????

Vanmooth are electric bikes designed to create a comfortable, sustainable and faster commute to work in cities around the world. Vanmooth’s e-bikes include theft defense technology and a tracking system – all linked to an app that sends alarm notifications and bike diagnostics.


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