OMD FWD- 6th March

AI continues to make moves into the mainstream with Facebook’s introduction of new features that let you turn any 2D photo into a 3D Image. The new feature will also work if a photo is taken on a single-lens camera, meaning the photo sharing journey will be explored from a new dimension for everyone with a smartphone.
Good news for small businesses! Vimeo have now officially made the move into social video creation, helping users to create professional videos with the launch of Vimeo Create. The new app will allow small businesses and marketers that are short on time and budget to tell their stories via social video.


It’s story time

LinkedIn is testing out Snapchat-style stories to try a new conversational business format. Are you ready for your close-up?


Stickers are spreading 

TikTok has added a creative new feature where you can pin stickers onto videos and make it stay in one place.


Chat-bot shut down 

No awkward conversations. Facebook Messenger have ditched chat-bots to push users to spend more time consuming content.

Be the GIF Queen 

Google Trends and Tenor have teamed up on a new GIF Trends Tool that will guarantee your GIF will get laughs in the group chat.


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