OMD FWD 4th December

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After a complicated year of being physically distant but emotionally closer, the festive season is officially in full swing. Check out how Facebook is getting into the spirit of togetherness with brand new fundraising and community assistance tools. Read more about the ‘Season of Giving’ initiative here.

The good vibes don’t stop there – scroll down to discover what Google and Instagram did to spread holiday cheer and how a French startup is helping to strengthen friendships.

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Have you seen these pie charts? ????
Google and Instagram got creative this Thanksgiving! The platforms decided to share search insights around some of the most popular foods for the holiday.

Facebook help stop scammers ????️
The Better Business Bureau partnership will help deal with issues on how to avoid those pesky scams, as Facebook dives deeper into the e-Commerce world.

Friendship is being reinvented ????
Yubo is a growing social media startup, based in France, which aims to reinvent online friendships around the world. Tailored teenage and adult communities ensure users get the best possible experience.


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