OMD FWD 3rd April

Working from home has become the new normal for most of us, if not all. We’ve bid adieu to the over-crowded meeting rooms and have now become regulars at our kitchen tables and living room sofas. Zoom, Skype and Teams are the new social distancing hotspots, so it’s really important we know how to use them like pros. Here are some handy tips for your next meeting.

In-In is now the new Out-Out ????

Snapchat’s location-sharing app, Zenly, has gamified staying at home. Winning is easy – just be the person who stays at home the most. 

Snapchat and WHO made a quiz  

The World Health OrgaFragment Cachenization has created a coronavirus myth-busting game to help set the record straight. The game will feature new interactive filters.

TikTok is now streaming live ????

The video creation app has entered the live stream world by creating a platform for musicians, comedians and actors to entertain straight from their home.

Instagram create selfie stickers ????

A brand new animated sticker selfie tool is being tested at Instagram HQ! Overlay graphics and effects will elevate your Story game to the next level.



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