OMD FWD 30th October

Snap shares went up by nearly 20% after showcasing a $679 million in reported revenue, smashing past Wall Street expectations that pinned their performance for the quarter around $555 million. Speaking of Wall Street, The Wall Street Journal spotlights our Fast Start Dashboard in its feature on new data tools marketers are using to navigate the unpredictable developments of 2020.

Read on to discover more spooky social media updates to Snapchat and Facebook.

Be a food connoisseur on Snap ????

There’s more to Snap than filters.. the new feature will teach you new things in seconds. Scan a bottle of wine and you’ll get the price, rating and tasting notes.

Find love with Facebook Dating 

Facebook Dating has officially landed in 20 different countries. Forget the traditional dating apps, social media can now help you find your soulmate.

Decorating but made flexible ????

Sprucing up a home is hard work, but Conjure makes it a stress-free experience. Customers can lease and trade furniture with a monthly (3 to 12 month) subscription.


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