OMD FWD- 26th February

Two social network giants have been making big changes lately. This week Facebook reversed the ban on news pages in Australia following recent conversations with the Australian government – click here for our views on the story. WhatsApp has also announced that users that don’t accept the new privacy policy will lose access to messages in mid-May.

Scroll down to discover the latest Facebook and TikTok updates, as well as a start-up sending robots to deliver beer all over New York.

FB climate change content ????

The Climate Science Information Center is expanding its reach with alerts. The aim is to educate users about the impact of climate change and need for action.

TikTok x UFC partnership news ????

The brand new partnership will see a range of exclusive live-stream content such as behind-the-scenes footage and engagement with UFC athletes.

Beer made more accessible ????

TapRm is a new-age distributor and e-comm platform that “enables beer brands to reach consumers whenever and wherever.” The start-up connects beer brands to bars, supermarkets and restaurants in New York and uses autonomous robots for beer delivery.


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