OMD FWD 18th June

As the #BlackLivesMatter and #Pride movements continue to spread important messages via social media, Juneteenth is also approaching this Friday. All Omnicom agencies will be taking the day off to reflect on the challenges that we face globally and locally relating to discrimination.

There is no shortage of insightful content designed to educate ourselves, and how we can all help support racial equality and anti-racism. We urge you to spend Friday further listening and learning – check out these resources from OMD EMEA and OMD USA as well as the materials compiled by your local communities.

Please feel free to pass OMD FWD onto your colleagues, clients and friends – they can subscribe here at any time! #OMDFWD

AI has helped the world cope with COVID-19 in many ways. Amazon has introduced the “Distance Assistant” to help workers follow safety guidelines.

Parades have been cancelled across the globe, but Pride is still going ahead! Instagram has reintroduced multiple rainbow features to help celebrate.

The instant messaging service is trialing digital payments with users in Brazil. Who needs a sort code when you have a telephone number? Bye-bye banking.

The gaming sphere went crazy following Sony’s PS5 announcement. Coronavirus means more time at home, which means more time for gaming right?





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