OMD FWD 13th November

With Singles’ Day this week, Black Friday & Cyber Monday upon us, and the festive ads hitting our screens – the holiday season of advertising is in full swing! YouTube has also revealed the most viewed video in 2020… click here to watch the catchy “Baby Shark”, which has racked up an impressive 7 billion views.

Read on to discover the latest tech developments from Apple and Snap, as well as a new digital video startup: Loom.

Apple sets new rules for apps ????

Apple wants to eliminate dodgy apps by using nutritional info-esque privacy labels. Watch out developers, the questions will start in December…

Learning with Snap Connect ????

So, what is Snap Connect we hear you ask? Internal experts provide in-depth perspectives on how to best use the various options at your disposal. Genius!

Zoom? Don’t you mean Loom? ????

Loom allows users to record video messages on their computer screens. These can then be sent via email or text; allowing for faster and more streamlined communication.



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