OMD FWD 11th September

We’re all guilty of getting trapped in an endless social media scroll, but have you noticed that it’s now not just scrolling we’re doing but swiping and tapping too?

Stories have become so popular on Instagram, Facebook wants Instagram Stories to be visible on both apps. At the same time, Instagram is thinking of new ways to push the Reels feature further. Read on to find out more about the latest app updates.

Time to share more stories ????

Some lucky users can view Instagram Stories straight from Facebook. Looks like this is the social media version of the famous Spice Girls song “2 Become 1″…

Are you ready for more Reels? ????

Users in India will have access to a dedicated Reels tab. The test will see if there is more interaction with the new update. We’ll keep you posted.

Shopping without the dropping ????

ShopShops is a live stream app that allows Chinese consumers to buy Western brands. After booming during COVID-19, live streams continue to grow.



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