CES 2020 Global Wrap-up

OMD USA at CES 2020.

OMD hosted more than 200 clients over three days, delivered more than 70 custom tours for our clients and colleagues, delivered content from more than 87 panels and keynotes, provided daily updates and coverage on social channels, and launched the OMD Signals podcast. A true team effort – well done to all involved!

CES is a front row seat to the future.

These trends provide important insights into what resonates with consumers and allows us to stay focused on consumer need. By having our finger on the pulse, we can deliver Better decisions, faster for our clients, leading to better business outcomes which ultimately facilitate more valued and valuable experiences.

Learning from others provides insights and energy to identify trends.

Attending panels is one way we do that. It creates fertile ground for exploration and innovation.

Technology driving agency evolution

OMD Worldwide CEO Florian Adamski took to the stage alongside other agency leaders to discuss ways to connect brands to their audiences through technology. The challenge: demands for data privacy and security require agencies to move as quickly as the regulations move. And maybe even faster. Getting ahead of the consumer and building transparency creates greater connection.

Morning of Innovation: Best of CES

Omnicom Media Group hosted their eighth annual Morning of Innovation, where OMD USA Head of Integrated Planning, Danielle Sporkin, joined Hearts & Science CEO, Erin Matts, and PHD USA’s Chief Media Officer, Anthony Koziarski, on stage to showcase the most exciting technology they had seen at CES. Danielle’s key takeaways included the Winston device that is unlocking a new level of privacy.

NFL on the digital frontier

NFL is tackling the technology field as it joins forces with Microsoft, Verizon, AWS and creates unconventional partnerships with Fortnite and TikTok. The NFL Chief Information Officer, Michelle McKenna, explained how innovation in the 100-year old sport is extremely extensive and requires heavy collaboration to continue redefining the game. From implementing 5G across all stadiums to providing more detailed data to players and coaches, the critical intersection of sports and technology lends itself to innovation in transforming fan experiences.

AI requires human-centered design

AI is set to reshape our society and businesses as we know it. As we have discovered with our global research study, The Retail Revolution, people are adopting AI in different ways. While we envision a highly automated future, intelligence is with the end user, not the computer. At CES, Saleema Amershi, Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research AI, stated that “It’s not just about what we build but how we build out AI systems.” Moving forward it will be less about making the AI human, and more about making the AI adaptable to the consumer.

Longevity: citizen health

Technology has intersected with our wellness – to aid in monitoring, promoting, augmenting and managing our well-being. L’Oreal showcased Perso, set to launch in 2021, the first of its kind three-in-one personalized at home device for skincare and cosmetics. Also on display was Core, a handheld meditation trainer that measures your heart rate and breathing with electrocardiogram sensors, allowing you to track your health over time and focus on mindfulness.

Urban mobility

The automobile brands were out in full force again this year. Mercedes-Benz USA premiered a new concept car called the Vision AVTR. Inspired by their core mission of sustainability, they looked to the film ‘Avatar’ and the principles of environmentalism and co-existence the film promotes. Also, Mitsubishi Motors North America CMO, Kimberley Gardiner, spoke to Ad Age about their small-batch marketing approach. Thinking small to drive big results.

Nourish me

Stay in the loop…the Hydraloop, that is. With concerns over water safety on the rise, Hydraloop provides a way for homes and businesses to sterilize and reuse their water. Winner of the award for ‘Best of Best’ at the show, Hydraloop allows you to save thousands of gallons of water per year. Also with Zero Mass’s SOURCE Hydropanel, you can harvest perfectly balanced drinking water from your local climate. Extracting water vapor from the air to make, mineralize and deliver drinkable water.

Direct to consumer

The e-commerce industry loses billions globally in returns. LivingPacket’s THE BOX eliminates waste associated with these returns through sensored packaging and tracking. And, best yet, reusable, again and again. Also Ford has teamed up with Agility Robotics to create autonomous deliveries with self-driving cars. Digit, a robot with human likeness, will be able to communicate with vehicles, collect a package, and walk it to the designated delivery spot or even directly into consumers’ hands.


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