What if we could start again?

If you picked up the Metro on your commute to work this morning, you might have noticed Channel 4’s latest campaign for Eden – the show which asks what we would do if we could start again…


Eden is a ground-breaking new factual entertainment series taking a bunch of 23 strangers, each with different, useful skills and talents, and putting them in a remote Scottish location for a year to see whether they can make a success of building a new community from scratch.

To bring this concept to life, OMD UK worked with Channel 4 and 4creative to develop a strategy that was both highly contextual and culturally connectedGiven the current political climate, there’s no better time to ask the question: what would we do if we started again?

We worked with the Metro to create a culturally connected partnership which enabled us to get an early look at the headlines and respond to the news as it emerges, provoking people to think about the bigger themes in the show.

Today’s ad on the front page has sparked debate, with the BBC and the Independent talking about it online.

On top of this, we have created a highly contextual campaign in which each ad is specific to its exact location; for example, in a national proximity campaign ads that appear near phone shops carry the copy: “No cyber-bullying. No dodgy wi-fi. Dfntly no txtspk. What if we could start again?”.  Contextual ads also appear on social media (e.g. No gym selfies) and YouTube.

Eden starts at 9pm on Monday 18th July.


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