Walkers supporting Leicester City with ‘Countdown to Kit Off’

While the odds of Leicester City winning the league were a ridiculous 5000-1 last Summer, Walkers has always had a link to the city and club. Walkers factory is Leicester based, Walkers sponsor the grounds and Gary Lineker was born and raised there.

So over the past month, OMD UK has helped Walkers show their support for the Foxes with a digital strip tease, inspired by Gary’s promise to present Match of the Day in his pants if they were to win. As the match scores unfolded, the image reacted in real time with less and less packets covering his modesty (and his muscly LCFC tattooed body).

Linking to Leicester’s own #backingtheblues campaign, Gary’s Countdown has been running across digital outdoor, digital, social and print environments. Digital outdoor screens ran around Leicester city centre, the stadium and followed fans to away game cities like Manchester. Contextual digital has run around football, sporting and broader news sites, where people have been following footballs’ fairytale story. Social pushes on Facebook and Twitter after each match have helped Walkers to join the conversation.

Following Leicester City’s momentous win on Monday, we ran ads in the Sun and the Leicester Mercury, proudly unveiling Gary’s entire muscly body and a limited edition ‘Salt and Victory’ packet, which Walkers has released to celebrate the team.

This is a great example of collaboration between PepsiCo, AMV and OMD UK and us riding on a cultural moment, where the brand has a clear right to play.


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