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Alien League


Last Thursday night the Alien League hijacked the airwaves as part of our innovative marketing campaign for E4’s new drama, The Aliens which will hit our screens this March.

At 10pm the Alien League, a rebel group featured in the drama, appeared to hack into Channel 4’s programming to broadcast their message appealing for people to support their cause.

In a media first, three E4 shows (Virtually Famous, Rude Tube and Gogglebox) were interrupted whilst popular YouTubers agreed to allow their channels to be interrupted with the hacks.

A series of specially created fake radio ads for butter, car insurance and toilet cleaner were also hacked with audio from the Alien League and in the cinema, audiences will see the clips appear during the iconic Pearl & Dean and DCM idents.

Head to the Alien League website for a taster of what’s to come.

The campaign was created in partnership with 4creative and Social Chain.



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