Royal Caribbean launch Instagram mosaic

To promote the launch of Royal Caribbean’s brand new ship – Ovation of the Seas – we turned to Instagram to launch a stunning new interactive mosaic.

Working with nine bloggers and Instagrammers, we commissioned a drawing of a bird’s-eye view of Ovation of the Seas as she travelled to her European destinations. The image highlights onboard activities and entertainment, also focussing on the European destinations the ship visited in April before heading on her Global Odyssey tour to China.

This inspiring execution was enhanced by blogs and images from influencers, who provided insider travel tips, inspiration and recipes for each destination. From Mondo Mulia’s traditional Italian Cantucci biscuit recipe to Mode and the City’s advice on what to do with a day in Paris, these posts bring to life Royal Caribbean’s European cruise offering.

The image comprised of 27 individual posts which were posted daily to become the mosaic:



Click on the individual posts below to see the images in more detail and discover the influencers who took part.

Ovation of the Seas has now completed her 52-day Global Odyssey cruise from Europe to Asia arriving in China’s Tianjin, with plenty of exciting holidays in the East to look forward to, while some of the Royal Caribbean fleet remain in Europe to retrace the beautiful European trips the Instagram mosaic brought to life.

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