We are excited to launch DAYBREAKERS – a brand-new Lipton Ice Tea summer campaign that will refresh London for Londoners.

Lipton Ice Tea is the leading ice tea beverage in the UK. We need to break the perception that ice tea is simply tea gone cold and reframe Lipton Ice Tea from a niche product into a popular choice for London millennials.

As Lipton Ice Tea is a much larger brand overseas and on the continent, it has connotations with summer and holidays. And our millennials drink it more on holiday than they do in London! We need to bring summer holiday vibes back to our capital city, which is why we’re launching free events across the summer. This includes:

  • The Sunrise Set at the Sky Garden with a special guest performance
  • The Kings Cross Giant Water Slide hosted by the morning crew from XFM
  • The Get Up Get Down Morning Gig with special performances

Content from these events will be seeded on social networks targeted towards millennials. We also have partnerships with XFM and Time Out to get London excited for the Lipton Ice Tea.

Finally, our out-of-home campaign targets individual London boroughs with bespoke messaging, such as UP AND AT ‘EM CLAPHAM and NEW DAY OLD STREET

Check out to refresh your London!


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