A spotlight on Tropicana – ‘Little Glass’

As the juice category leader, Tropicana have felt the backlash of the recent sugar debates in the media. So our challenge for this campaign was to remind our audience of the benefits that a small glass of juice can provide, as part of a daily routine, dispelling myths that orange juice is bad for you.

As you’d expect, the majority of orange juice is consumed at breakfast. But in order to drive the mass awareness and consistency of message across a six-month period, we needed to branch out and speak to our audience wherever they are.

So we created a cross-platform, fully-integrated media campaign, with our cheeky ‘Little Glass’ character at the heart. Using a heavy weight TV campaign, featuring David Mitchell, along with targeted digital, social and print activity, ‘Little Glass’ will broadcast a number of different benefits of 150ml of orange juice a day.

By working with The Telegraph and comedian Arabella Weir, we were able to really tailor our comms toward our audience, providing interesting editorial content, as well as entertaining regular blog posts to drive engagement along with a key understanding of the role and benefits of juice.

Creating a fast-acting response team has allowed us to react to the sugar debate in real time, as well as to have a presence around relevant national events. This reactive strand of activity will help us to anchor Tropicana as the ‘experts in juice’ and therefore worth paying more for.

Be honest. Could you resist that face?


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