Unexpected surprises, still surprise

Last Wednesday saw a historic moment.  A moment that will go down in the history books and define what we mean by impossible.  A moment that I’m still shocked, surprised and astounded at.

Now I’m not talking about Philip Hammond increasing the duty on beer, cider, wine and spirits by an eye-watering 3.9 per cent during his Spring Budget (don’t worry media land’s watering holes will still be open).  What I’m talking about is FC Barcelona’s incredible comeback against Paris St Germain in last Wednesday night’s Champions League clash.

After having trailed 4-0 from the first leg, Barcelona and their never say die band of superhero superstars overcame the largest deficient to win a match in Champions League HISTORY winning the game 6-1.

Unsurprisingly the Twittersphere exploded.  Over 6.1m tweets were sent out over the course of the match.  Such was the shock at the result that more tweets were sent out during the game than when Leicester won the Premier League last season – WOW.

Our excitement at seeing the impossible being overcome continues to make us gasp and grab our phones to share the experience with others.

It has been well over ten years now since social media has become part of the daily fabric of modern life – becoming an obligatory part our daily routine for millions of us up and down the country and such moments remain a key component of our personal social content.

With 2017 already throwing up a whole host of shocks – think Moonlight at the Oscars and Donald Trump’s constant ramblings on Twitter – what has become apparent is our continued appetite to share the unexpected and rejoice in its slender.

So, what does this mean for brands?  Well, first off, be like Barcelona – ambitious, bold in your approach and never-say-never.  And finally, never be afraid to surprise and delight.

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