OMD UK Covid-19 Consumer Impact Report

It has been 19 weeks since we first shared our findings in our weekly Covid-19 Consumer Impact Report.

Each week using the Your Voice community and Radar we have been able to survey Brits on a weekly basis to glean insight on the nations outlook and consumer’s decision-making. The data has given OMD UK access to a rich, trendable datatset of consumer behaviours.

The information we report focuses around a number of different areas relating to life satisfaction and consumer confidence, confidence in the government, changes in behaviour whether that’s going for dinner or socialising with friends and  changes in media consumption.

With the COVID-19 pandemic impacting everybody in the UK, we have been using Radar to measure the extent of this impact and track how it evolves over time.

From this week’s report, you can find a couple of key takeouts below:

  • A sense of normality is beginning to return as the number of us heading to restaurants and going for a drink in the pub or a bar sees an increase. 
  • Following their reopening, the nation has started to flock back to the gyms this week, but online exercise is still proving a popular choice, with virtual classes up by 15% in the last week.

You can access the full report and review all the findings from this week’s data by following the link below:

OMD UK COVID-19 Consumer Impact Report – Week 19

If you have any questions about any of the data, please contact [email protected]


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