OMD UK Covid-19 Consumer Impact Report- Week 34

As we head towards the end of the week, we are pleased to share our latest Covid-19 Consumer Impact report. 

This week, the key findings were:

  • On the first weekend of Lockdown 2.0, happiness and anxiety levels have stabilised as people look ahead to Christmas.
  • After a significant drop last week (ahead of the news of a second lockdown), happiness levels increased this week from 31% to 34% and life satisfaction has increased 2ppts to 27%. Correspondingly, anxiety has dropped to levels seen in previous weeks. Optimism, however, has decreased from 20% to 18%.
  • In comparison to the first week of Lockdown 1, sentiment in the first week of Lockdown 2 is marginally more positive, as people are less anxious and slightly happier. However, levels of optimism are lower, and people feel significantly less financially secure.
  • Financial concerns have increased this week with less people feeling financially secure and more reporting that money is tight at the moment
  • Despite the introduction of Lockdown 2, the nation is looking forward to Christmas and gradually feeling more festive but levels of concern over Christmas remain prominent (5.8/10)

We will continue to monitor how people’s attitudes and behaviours change throughout the second lockdown compared to the first lockdown.

Initial findings are based on results taken one day into the second lockdown.

OMD UK COVID-19 Consumer Impact Report – Week 34

If you have any questions about any of the data, please contact [email protected].


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