Hiding in plain sight

Working in this industry you don’t just pay more attention to adverts but you think about everything from the creative brief to whether you think it was a good media placement. Yes, we’re advertising nerds but luckily we love it.

When I stumbled across this image (above) I couldn’t help but stop in absolute awe of how clever an advert it is. Found in the classified section and using nothing but the clever arrangement of columns, text, and white space, a Colombian kitchen and bathroom company, HiperCentro Corona, have created a 3D kitchen that appears to sink into the page. All of the other classified around it are fake, which makes it less likely that readers will get distracted.

Looking at it from an insight perspective, I love that they’ve identified the challenge of a given medium and have turned it around to own a normally cluttered and crowded space and, at the same time, be totally relevant to their brand.

Simply put: they nailed it.


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