Is Facebook advertising effective?

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Can Facebook advertising achieve direct response actions effectively?

Post by Jason Cotrina-Vasquez, Search Manager, and Sunaina Patel, Account Manager

At OMD, we say ‘yes it can’, but Facebook advertising does need a smart and dedicated team behind the activity to really make it work.  Here’s how we make it happen for our clients at OMD…

OMD’s in-house Facebook advertising team leverages Facebook API technology to achieve direct response actions from the Facebook platform.  The approach is pretty complex, including research and analysis of the client’s typical audience to gain key insights and enable a robust segmentation methodology to be employed.  Having identified relevant audience groups, creative and copy is tailored to specific demographics and interests for improving response.  A lot of work is then involved to produce a comprehensive multivariate testing matrix and the program is evolved by continuous daily monitoring and optimisation which maximises ROI.

One example of our continuous success is with Citroën UK. Our key goals were to drive an audience exposed to Citroën brand awareness car launches through to the purchase ‘consideration and intent’ phase of the car buying process.  OMD strategically deployed Facebook Marketplace ads to drive brochure requests and test drive volumes cost-efficiently. The activity delivered 22% of total Retail display leads in H1 2012, becoming a vital direct response channel for Citroën UK.

Citroën’s Marketing Director, Jules Tilstone is an advocate and says, ‘Facebook has proven itself to be an effective platform for delivering brochure and test drive request volumes. Facebook continues to be an important marketing tool for Citroën UK for both brand awareness and direct response campaigns’

At OMD we are embracing the growth of social media and are proud to deliver strong results. It’s important to stay at the forefront of new media and the ingredient to success is to work collaboratively with our clients and Facebook to effectively leverage the platform.

Dan Clays, OMD’s Managing Director supports this, ‘The results of OMD’s Facebook campaign for Citroën perfectly illustrate the potential Marketplace ads offer our clients – to create highly relevant messaging to audiences around their interests and generate added media value through the sharing behaviour on Facebook.’

The proof of the pudding is in the eating, is it not time to start thinking about testing Facebook direct response advertising on your campaigns?

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