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Not So Green With Envy

The Olympics has certainly got off to a brilliant bang with shock exits, celebration fails, and ambulance calamities, as well as the steady flow of construction woes from media hotels. But now things just got a little more public with the widespread reporting of the Olympic pool turning a shocking GREEN during the Games.

Organisers aren’t sure why it’s happening, but it’s certainly too late to sidestep the furore it’s creating over the internet.

It’s not exactly The Dress – but it’s certainly doing the rounds in conversation.


First there were faces, then there was breakfast, most recently it moved to lunch. And now, rather perfectly, the “Rate Me” trend has moved on to tea. Members of the public are flocking to the site to upload their take on the perfect tea moment. Is it alone, or does it come with a slice of cake or a packet of crisps and a sarnie? Whatever your take, other users are there en masse to score you out of 10, with some really funny commentary to boot. We wonder what the next rate me trend is going to be…


You may have seen recently people posting “ok” signs or pictures with the hashtag #itsokaytotalk, which was started a few months ago by Luke Ambler after the death of his brother-in-law to suicide. Well, it’s now really starting to catch on as more and more people take pictures and nominate five others to do the same.

Male suicide is still a very unspoken subject, even though we have recently seen some activation on the same topic (22 push-up challenge for veterans). Sadly, it’s because a large number of men feel unable to talk about their mental health, which makes suicide the biggest killer of men under the age of 45. Hopefully, more initiations like these can get us towards a better and more open conversation for so many voiceless men.


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