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Newsroom’s daily email is a roundup of some of the stories and memes that are getting the most traction of that day, with high engagement and social sharing, we’re watching the stuff that’s getting the public all excited.

So let’s take a look at the top three stories this week.

The popular trend for the pop-up restaurant shows no signs of slowing down with the opening of Cannabistro, the hemp-inspired experiential dining bistro that’s here today and gone tomorrow. Generating lots of chatter and social engagement during the build-up due to quirky themes and limited spaces. Numerous articles contribute to the share value going into the thousands, with Facebook being the main platform for engagement.

Sepp Blatter also took this week by storm, making Google searches for his name (and FIFA’s) almost as popular as Kim Kardashian, with nearly a million mentions in only a few days. Even though he didn’t top the Tweeting charts, the sheer volume of news articles about him and the FIFA scandal being shared on the platform went into the 100k’s, combine that with Facebook and other social networks, and the social engagement surpassed millions.

Shia LaBeouf once again inspired people in the parody and meme world with his motivational speech that became hugely popular on YouTube. As he made the original speech in front of a green screen, this made it incredibly easy for people to make their hilarious adaptions. One such video turned his speech into a TED Talk, and gained over 2m views in a few days, and it’s still currently enjoying over 15k views an hour.


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