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In the world of Sport, there are always some standout moments for one reason or another, and this week the public decided to dedicate their photoshopping skills and accommodating words to the news of Liverpool winger, Raheem Sterling, being sold to Man City for an unbelievable £49million. One fan has hilariously likened it to paying £100 for a chomp, and the memes that followed were of a similar ilk. These areas in sport are easy conversations to join in on as it’s all under the umbrella of ‘cheeky banter’ causing an enormous surge in searches surrounding the player.

A Brew

The M&S vs weak tea-ed pensioners has been an enormous story this week. Dozens of articles have circulated, but it’s been the public engagement that’s been so interesting. Social commentary has been incredible, each new article has amassed thousands upon thousands of comments, ranging from completely out-of-their-mind cross, boycotts and damning’s, right through to hilarious quips and BuzzFeed affiliation. You know the story’s good if BuzzFeed join in! Needless to say it highlighted a teabag-crusading demographic that we all now fear and respect.

A Book

The much anticipated attention that Harper Lee’s latest novel ‘Go Set a Watchman’, has generated has been quite remarkable. The book charted in bestsellers lists before its release, leading to the decision of some stores to open at unearthly hours to accommodate its popularity. Yes, it’s not the first time a book has had huge media attention, but not quite like this. With her first book, ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’, being so well loved and entrenched in people’s moral upbringing, the sudden apparent reversal of principles now held by Atticus Finch, the fictional hero who stood against so many fuelling our inner need for justice to overpower prejudice and stupidity, has been devastating to many, if not all. But once again, her writing has caused an avalanche of questions. Namely, why? With many wondering if it’s become a reflection on today’s society, expect to see plenty of social commentary surrounding the new book in the future.


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