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This Week, Newsroom’s top three posts take a look at planned cultural moments and an opportunity to get some heads together to see if there’s is a nice fit for your brand.

The first was a fun topic to get involved with, and that was the upcoming Back To The Future II date, made famous in Marty McFly’s time travelling DeLorean. October 21st 2015 was the date he fast tracked himself to, and we are eagerly expecting the world of the internet to celebrate. Some future planning could get brands in the mix of social conversations with huge engagement. Think about the success we had with Star Wars and May the 4th be with you!

The second was the fact that our Queen Elizabeth II is about to become the longest reigning monarch in British history. Again, understanding the support the royals get from their fans, and how active they are on the social networks, means that this could be another moment to plan ahead for to get that cultural connection for your brand.

And finally, the prospect of the London Underground becoming a 24-hour, all-night service. Is it possible we could see another social explosion like we witnessed when the service banned booze? An interesting cultural moment that will be happening later this year. Could it spark fare wars with our bickering taxi firms?


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