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A look back at the stories that caught the attention of the public this week:

Leicester Make History

THEY DID IT! Leicester City has made history by winning the Premier League for the first time, after barely dodging relegation last season. The sporting world has never seen anything like it, as the team gears up to raise the cup in front of a home crowd on Saturday when they play Everton, and there won’t be a dry eye in the house. Chelsea, Spurs, Vardy, #LCFCChampions, Harry Kane, Costa and many more names saw a vast social presence, as some continue to trend this week. There are so many layers to this extraordinary story, as the players inspire small clubs all over the world.

The Leicester party, headlined by Kasabian, is now well and truly ON!

Congratulations Leicester, and your fearless fans, too.

Cruz Crash

One of the biggest stories to emerge this week comes from across the pond, with the news that Ted Cruz is pulling out of the presidential race, leaving Trump almost guaranteed to be the Republican nomination.

Bernie Sanders pulled off a shock victory in Indiana, as he vows to be the biggest political upset the country has ever seen. Though he has fewer votes, Sanders polls higher against trump than Clinton does, as some disaffected Republican voters would lend their vote to Bernie, but never to Hilary.

Trump is currently being mocked on Twitter.

Invictus Games

Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen Prince Harry, The Obamas, Justin Trudeau and even our Queen getting involved with a bit of banter as the US gears up to host the second Invictus games.

The games were founded by Prince Harry after visiting many wounded service men and women, and realising the profound affect sport played both mentally and physically in their rehabilitation.

The inaugural competition was held in London in 2014 and was a great success, as the Prince hopes the games will continue to pick up momentum year on year. The Invictus games are to be held from this Sunday 8th May until Thursday 12th May on ESPN as a biannual games. The third is already being promoted and will be held in Canada.


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