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The MoneySuperMarket ads, known for their fabulous dancers, have taken it up a notch by getting the public to vote for their favourite in a brilliant dance-off piece. The whole ad, placed during the new Britain’s Got Talent, has been seen over 192k views on YouTube alone.

The hashtag #EPICDANCEOFF has gained much popularity over the weekend, showing how the public have really gotten behind this ad.

We can definitely say that this proves that when marketing is at its best, it really is epic.

Match Fail

Another ad fail is picked up great momentum at the beginning of the week, this time from Their current ad campaign tag line is “If you don’t like your imperfections, someone else will.“, which is great, but not when the line accompanies a picture of a redhead with freckles, heavily implying that these attributes are imperfections.

The ads haven’t gone unnoticed by London underground commuters, who started to upload pictures of their disagreement, claiming that this is profiting from bullying. Public reaction has been so quick that are now trying to pull the campaign as quickly as possible, as the ASA have also agreed to get involved.

Quidditch is real!

So we know you’ve all heard of Harry Potter, but did you know that the game Quidditch has actually become a real live game that people, all over the world, actually play, and there is an annual tournament that towns can bid to host! This year, the European Quidditch Cup will be held in Gallipoli, Italy, with 8 British teams competing to claim the title, after winning silver last year. This is super niche but lots of fun, with some great fans who love to engage with anything Quidditch. They are also beacons of a non-gender-defined and inclusive sport, with people from all around the world coming together just to be awesome.

The tournament is this weekend, on Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th.

Grab your broomstick!


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