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This week we get a stark reminder why video killed the radio star, with all three stories finding their audience engagement on YouTube or Facebook videos.

Firstly, with people engaging with video now more than ever before, it’s increasingly becoming the platform for people to share their thoughts/opinions on, and more recently we even saw a young vlogger come out. In under two days it’s had over 4m views and is also seeing huge traction with 10.6k views per hour in the UK and around the world. In an age where young people can feel so isolated, it’s interesting to see that this is becoming a way to share insecurities and even get support from online communities, especially if that’s something that they don’t feel they have access to in their day to day lives.

Our second story was the huge success of the Real GTA video – a real-life recreation of a GTA scene. But more interestingly it highlighted the enormous support the gamer community has to offer. The video got a whooping 100k views per hour, and over 3.5m views in under a day, and is still trending at number one on the digital playlist on YouTube (number seven in the overall trending list). The gamer community has such a high engagement level that not only will the viewing numbers spike, they are also sustained.

And finally, the most important video this week. Little Johanna, and her Aretha Franklin routine. The video has over 9m views with a huge share value of over 66k on Facebook and still enjoying engagement of 86.5k views per hour. It certainly deserves some R-E-S-P-E-C-T.


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