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A look back at the stories that caught the attention of the public this week:

Ninth Planet

Scientists in the world of astronomy were over the moon at the possibility of a Ninth Planet being discovered on the edge of our Solar System. American Astronomers have put together a case with strong proof of evidence. The new planet is still yet to be seen, even though it’s thought to be 10 times the size of Earth, taking approximately 10 to 20 thousand years to make just one orbit around our Sun.

The hunt for the elusive icy planet is on, so we could soon find ourselves landing on cloud nine. Excitement around this topic could be stratospheric – one to watch.

Some great TV moments are coming up and the public are becoming very vocal about them on social platforms, they are:

  • The Great Sport Relief Bake Off 
    Kicks off next Wednesday (January 27th) at 8.30pm on BBC One Samantha Cameron is just one of the famous faces to join the Sports Relief Bake Off as eager viewers wait to watch one of television’s most popular shows sporadically return to their screens. There’s an opportunity for brands to plan themes on social, as we find out what’s to be baked in advance.
  • Grant’s return 
    Grant Mitchell is to make TV history with a highly-anticipated return to EastEnders. Social commentary by the public will be huge, so can your brand find a relevant way to join in the fun? Dates to be revealed.

Trust No One

The news that the new series of the X-Files will debuting on Sunday 24th this week meant that tweets of hype and excitement were, and still are, building. Fans of the show are gearing up to join their TV icons Mulder and Scully and their brilliant onscreen chemistry in new encounters to find “The Truth”.

Off the back of the online response we got from our reaction to the news of the iconic TV show Robot Wars returning, we’re hoping brands can still get involved, where relevant, in some of the weekend’s X-Files conversation.

Blue Monday

The most depressing day of the year needs a mention even though most would like to see it go. Lots of brands got involved this year, but it tended to feel far more brand-led rather than a subject that the public were actually interested in or bothered about. Food for thought.


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