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Our Starman

Starting with the biggest headline this week, social media and news platforms have been awash with the sad news of performer David Bowie’s passing, after a courageous 18-month battle with cancer. Moving tributes, praise and compliments filled our newsfeeds, as people took the opportunity to celebrate the incredible talent that he was. Four decades of chart topping, inspiring and timeless music is but one element of his illustrious career. Expect to see many reminders of his great work over the next few weeks, as his recent album Blackstar, which was released last Friday, gets listened to as his ‘parting gift’ across the world.

Friends Reunite!

The news that US network NBC is set to showcase a tribute to director James Burrow, who is set to have his 1000th TV episode (ranging from Friends to Cheers), has sparked people’s excitement all over the world. It’s hoped that it’ll be the first time the Friends actors will be together in one room. The show will air on Sunday, February 21st, and we expect to see Twitter and Facebook set alight.

The Building is on Fire

It could possibly be the greatest interview of all time and it’s filling up social networks everywhere. Another YouTube clip of a very animated interviewee, Michelle Dobyne, is racking up views to the tune of 26.5k views an hour, as it surpasses the 1.6m mark in just over 24 hours. The clip is primed and ready for the expected autotune treatment as we wait to find out if it can reach the same notoriety as the hilarious 2012 interview ‘Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That’ which hit over 55.3m views.


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