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This week sees ghoulish after effects, awesome role models and record numbers for tea and cake as we take a look at the top stories in Newsroom.

Great British Bake Off: The Final

Starting with the biggest headline this week. It’s the show that’s amassed over 50k mentions on Twitter in the weeks building up to final night, as it continued to grab headlines and trending spots since the beginning of this series. But the finale saw a record 14.5million people tune in with their mobiles at the ready, resulting in over 150k mentions with the new champion Nadiya surpassing 67k herself. The demographic is wide and completely inclusive as everybody continues its love affair with the nation’s favourite show.


Another hashtag, #PolishedMan, picked up some momentum on social media and news publications this week. It originates from the YGAP charity CEO, Elliot Costello, who met a young girl Thea, in Cambodia. After playing games for hours, he also let her paint his nails blue, which lead to his idea that he wants to be spread by men around the world to help promote positive male role models and begin a campaign to end violence against children. It’s seen over 100k interactions mainly Facebook, which gave it a top trending spot.

The Real Scare

We also saw an unusual hashtag #greenpoop, which started trending on Twitter and Facebook. As we find ourselves in the month of Halloween, we see brands trying to out-ghoul each other, but a certain black bunned burger seems to be unnerving folks for all the wrong reasons. With nearly 2k mentions in its first few hours the hashtag is pretty self-explanatory, but the story certainly took off on social networks in the UK and worldwide with amassing well over 250k shares and likes.



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