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As well as being part of an experiment about relationships, this one particular YouTube video (part 1 of 2) of an ex-couple having a very candid conversation about why their 7-year relationship broke down, is seeing unbelievable engagement levels. We are all able to relate to the awkward, sad and occasional tender moments during the clip, which is why it’s getting such amazing traction in only 48 hours, with the momentum seeing no signs of slowing down. It’s already gained 5m views and an incredible 75.7k views per hour as this goes to print. As the public realise there is a ‘part 2’ to this story the second video is beginning to go the same way with over 2m views as it trends in several countries worldwide.

Part 1:

Part 2:


Football is a known conversation starter, with a loyal and vocal fan base eager to hold court and voice opinion. Millions of memes and hashtags come from this fever pitch at any given time, but we can always hold Deadline Day accountable for a massive spike in engagement levels. This year saw nearly 100k mentions and related tweets in 1 day, and we are starting to see more brands join in on this kind of planned ‘banter’. Share value of articles from online publications sit at hundreds of thousands.

Planned Banter:


The VMA awards once again stirred controversy between pop stars, gave us costume changes to rival a Cher concert, and even gave us one man’s stoned intentions of a Presidential candidacy. But though the viewing figures continue to decline for the Music award show, their online presence is still strong as brands fight it out for the prime time ad breaks. This year saw a wonderful video piece from Clean & Clear as they continue to combat the lack of self-acceptance in the young. The video debuted live to millions (in America) while seeing online mentions tip over 10k in the UK alone.

CLEAN & CLEAR® Believes Acceptance Speeches Aren’t Just For Award Shows:


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