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In today’s world, virtual reality is everywhere. From Google’s cost efficient Google Cardboard to Sony’s prosperous Project Morpheus, VR looks to become as ubiquitous as the smartphone.

Today we had Blippar come in to talk to us about how although tens of millions of people will have some form of interaction with VR, many more can experience augmented reality – in fact, anyone with a smartphone can. By simply ‘Blipping’ off your smartphone, users can unlock information and experiences through AR and VR.

So how does one ‘Blip’?!

Visual Search is Blippar’s new, innovative way to use a search browser without the use of text. Whilst text search has been the standardised method of using search engines since the birth of Google’s in 1998, users can now scan objects using their smartphone to find out information whether it be about clothes, pets or flowers etc.

AR Gaming is another priority for Blippar. With the recent success of Pokemon Go earlier this year, it is unquestionable that something really extraordinary happens when AR is done correctly. In a recent campaign for Star Wars Rebels, gamifying content through AR saw exceptional engagement results, with an average dwell time of almost 7 minutes per user and was replayed on average 5x per user.

With 70% of consumers researching online before purchasing, the use of AR for personalising retail experience has also been a focus for Blippar. Working with Max Factor, Blippar allowed potential customers to try on cosmetic products before they purchased via their smartphone. Engagement was remarkable, with 12x longer engagement than the TV ad.

So what does this mean for the future? Will we expect to see AR and VR disappear off the earth like the death of the much-anticipated 3D TV era last decade? Unlikely. Although it is still in its imperfect early form, it is clear that VR is the future and will have an impact on us that will last a very, very long time.


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