OMD FWD 2nd July

The Cannes Lions Awards may have taken place virtually for yet another year, but that didn’t take away from our outstanding agency achievements. OMD took home a grand total of 38 wins across the global network. This includes an impressive total of 1 Grand Prix, 5 Gold, 10 Silver and 22 Bronze awards. Click here to find out more information about the award-winning campaigns with some spectacular clients.

Scroll down to discover more updates, from YouTube and Google, as well as a system that connects farmers and fishermen directly with high-end restaurants and consumers.

4K Plus is now on YouTube TV ???? 

With a compatible 4K enabled TV and/or streaming device, you can now enjoy watching YouTube TV content in one of the best, most crisp resolutions.

Find Food Support on Google ????

Google has created a locator tool that you can use to find your nearest food bank or school lunch program pickup site. Great work that can truly make a difference.

How many hands? 

Two Hands digitally connects fishermen and farmers directly with high-end restaurants and consumers. They’re reinventing the supply chain by removing the middlemen and enhancing traceability, food safety and authentic provenance.




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