The Science of Work Culture

Bruce Daisley, VP Twitter, Europe, opened Innovation Week 2017 with his keynote speech on The Science of Work Culture.

As host of the popular podcast Eat, Sleep, Work, Repeat and co-author of The New Work Manifesto, Bruce is well qualified to speak on the topic.

Bruce became interested in the topic after coming to the realisation that work is not as fun as it used to be. As the productivity paradox highlights, our work days have increased by two hours yet productivity has dropped. How could this be?

He had the audience entertained and intrigued with his stories about ‘deep work’, tickling rats and monk mornings.

We were left with a neat takeaway list of tips from his New Work Manifesto to make the workplace a happier place to be, and more productive.

  1. Presume permission
  2. 40 hours is enough
  3. Reclaim your lunch
  4. Got to be me
  5. Laugh

You can read more about these here.


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