Print Week: The Art of Digital Storytelling

Day four of Print Week saw Guardian Labs look into the art of digital storytelling and how their business is changing to meet the needs of the consumer.


With more news stories being broken online than ever before, The Guardian feels it is imperative that they are a mobile first content provider that can deliver news into the hand of the consumer in an engaging way. With offices in different countries, Newsbrands can now deliver breaking news online 24/7 that can help fuel the front pages of the print editions around the world.


Whilst historically Newsbrands have looked to host content on their own site, they now also see themselves as content distributors as they increase their reach by allowing third parties like Apple and Facebook to host their content.


Anna Watkins then took us through some of the great investigative journalism and native content that they have been producing. One of their great success stories was a piece called ‘The Counted’ that looked at the number of people killed by police in the US, which led to the Ministry of Justice and FBI taking up the methodology used by The Guardian in their own reporting.


The session ended with an example of some native content that was produced for Cisco.

It showed us that with the right idea, the content created can be as engaging and of the same quality as the journalism they publish. And this is why Newsbrands are a trusted environment for any partnership brief.


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