Print Week: Tapping into the spending power of the Baby Boomer Generation

Day 3 of Print Week brought a deep dive into the often forgotten baby boomer generation. Thanks to The Daily Telegraph we learnt that this audience owns 70% of the nation’s wealth but only accounts for 5% of all marketing spend. Forbes describes this sector as “the most neglected wealthy people in the history of marketing”. We also learnt that this audience are more likely to be heavy print consumers over any other commercial medium.

The Telegraph also echoed what we have heard in earlier sessions in the week; that Newsbrands are the originators of news and that news consumption makes up a quarter of all media consumption in the UK. Ofcom research also showed that Newsbrands account for 69% of all news provision.

The session finished with a sneak preview of OMD UK’s next wave of Future of Britain research ‘Generations’ where we heard that this baby boomer generation is the wealthiest, happiest  and influential group in the UK.


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