OMD FWD w/c 20th November

The nights are getting shorter, the weather is becoming colder and everything is now subtly tinged with mulled wine again. To get you through the winter nights (and warm those cockles further), welcome to the latest incarnation of FWD…


  • Facebook trials a second ‘explore’ newsfeed, aimed showcasing wider content that isn’t determined by historical preferences and friends’ posts. It’s pushing non-promoted posts further to the back as a result
  • Introducing the Twitter Tweetstorm function
  • Ever wanted to buy cosmetics via Spotify? Well, you can


  • Black Friday is anticipated to take an even bigger slice of the total consumer Christmas coffers
  • The role of Google visibility and success in the Retail category
  • Where did all those Farmville invitations go on social? An insight into how Facebook has phased out invites and likes


  • Doritos and Xbox partner to re-create classic gaming levels in the physical world, a world where gaming influencers have to compete against each other
  • For the upcoming Jumanji release, Facebook test its VR credentials in the newsfeed, for users to explore all manner of things
  • Thanks to Boston Dynamics, robots are officially suppler and athletic than myself



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