OMD FWD 5th November

November has arrived in the blink of an eye! While the world continues to face unprecedented challenges, the tech world is stepping up to help those in need and alleviate some of the new pressures people are facing.

Apple has made it possible for iPhones to tell blind users where and how far away people are. The revolutionary system detects the presence of people in the view of the iPhone’s camera, so blind users can social distance effectively, among other things.

Read on to discover more social media updates to YouTube and Spotify that are improving the online user experience, as well as the first wearable mouse: Snowl.

YouTube mobile app makeover ????

The new updates aim to create a smoother viewing and control experience. The biggest drop is a swipe gesture to enable or disable full-screen video. Easy!

Spotify adds standalone support ????

Exciting times for Apple Watch users! Spotify can now be used on the device without having a Wi-Fi or cell connection. Great news for those workout sessions.

Meet the first wearable mouse

Snowl is a mouse that connects to various smart devices (e.g. tablets, TVs, smartphones, etc.) allowing users to control the devices’ content with a click of the finger or gesture.




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