OMD FWD- 29th January

January may feel like a slow month, but the diversity & inclusion momentum that took off in 2020 shows no signs of slowing down. Facebook is championing D&I by setting up a resource page called ‘Business Equality’, that showcases ‘the actions businesses take to accelerate a more inclusive and diverse world.’ Meanwhile, TikTok is introducing the ‘TikTok for Black Creatives incubator program’. Read more about it here.

Scroll down to discover the latest Twitter and Pinterest updates and check out the wellness device that can completely transform your mood in a matter of seconds.

Twitter is testing out Birdwatch ????

Currently being piloted in the US, Birdwatch aims to combat the spread of misinformation. Users can write posts identifying and rebutting misinformation.

Play with makeup on Pinterest????

eCommerce is here to stay, so Pinterest is replicating the in-store experience. Using AR, the ‘Try-On’ feature lets you test beauty products from home. Genius!

Get ready to relax with Aromeo ????

Miscato Limited flagship product, Aromeo Sense, is a wellness device that stimulates senses using natural fragrances, colored lights, and music throughout the day. The device features three modes: Focus, Relax, and Sleep. Click here to learn more.



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