OMD FWD 24th July

To celebrate World Emoji Day, Apple has revealed images of some brand new emojis. Don’t get too excited yet though, the new icons aren’t due to be released until the iOS 14 update later this year. We didn’t know how much we needed a bubble tea emoji until now…

Facebook is bringing the beats ????
The social media giant is plunging into the music world by launching officially-licensed music videos next month in the US. YouTube better watch out…

Amazon is going live in 3,2,1… ????
Using Twitch technology, Amazon has created a new streaming service. The Interactive Video Service will allow businesses to appear more personal.

Short-form is the way forward ????
Instagram is the latest to be inspired by the success of TikTok. The launch of Reels will allow users to share short-form video content.

Spotify to share top podcasts ????
The podcast chart has been revamped to showcase what’s trending in different areas of the world. The move is to keep up with competitors like Apple Podcasts.

#vanlife is on the rise ???? introduces a new way to work, live and connect. The platform offers Mercedes-Benz Sprinters that are equipped with the essentials needed for a home on the road. The motto is to not just “shelter in place, but shelter any place”.


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