OMD FWD 21st August

In a world where social distancing has become commonplace and remote working can feel isolating at times, people are turning to smartphone apps more than ever to feel connected.

From finding appropriate childcare to helping blind people read labels in the supermarket, apps have the ability to make life feel that little bit easier. Read on to find out more about how tech and new products are changing the way we do things.

Google Lookout is here to help ????

Google has stepped up the AI game! The  Lookout app uses advanced technology to help those with low or no vision to identify products around them.

Don’t forget to check the label ????

Labels will now be added to US Facebook posts about the upcoming election, directing them to additional voting information. Power to the people!

Need a babysitter? Easy! ????

COVID-19 has had a pivotal effect on family routines, so finding childcare has never been so important. SitterStream is a brand new on-demand subscription service. Only the best sitters are allowed.



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