OMD FWD 10th July

Google Doodle closed Pride Month by honouring LGBTQ+ activist Marsha P. Johnson with a homepage logo takeover in multiple countries across the globe. Click here to see the iconic artwork.

Clothes shopping online is as seamless as ever, the only thing really missing is being able to try on items right away. Well, not anymore. Multiple brands have teamed up with Snapchat to create AR try-on Lenses. Not so good news for the bank balance…

LinkedIn are lending a hand ????
Challenging times have seen many looking for new jobs. The employment platform has introduced new features to support those looking for work.

Face masks are on the feed ????
Facebook and Instagram are encouraging users to wear masks. An alert will appear at the top of both feeds for everyone to see. Stop the spread and be safe!

WhatsApp just know what’s up ????
The instant messaging service has added a long list of features to create a fun user experience. Dark mode, animated stickers – you name it, they’re adding it.

AI is hitting the YouTube space ????
SmartReply is being rolled out to YouTube, which means creators will be able to interact with fans in a quicker and easier way. Like and subscribe guys!

Shop sustainably now ???? 
An increase in online shopping has seen a lot of waste from shipment and product packaging. Loop is a subscription service that allows consumers to receive big brand items in reusable containers. Sounds like a nifty service!


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